Computer Data Shred being UK’s one of the top certified IT recycling and data shredding companies, aims to provide industry-standard, seamless services to its customers.
What are we known for?
  • We are trend-setters.
  • Ultimate customer satisfaction is one of our top goals.
  • We care for both – our customers and the environment.
  • Our commitment to the implementation of the zero-waste policy.

What we don’t compromise on?

There are two main things;

  • The quality of our service
  • Customers’ data security
  • Environment protection

Our services are widespread in multiple cities of the UK, and we are looking forward to expanding our reach to as many areas of the country as possible.


The Types of Equipment We Collect

Being an IT disposal company, we collect and treat a range of IT equipment, the list of which is as follows;

  • Computer Base Units
  • Printers
  • Routers
  • Laptops
  • Whiteboards
  • CRT Monitors (£25 Per Item)
  • Toners/Ink Cartridges
  • Assorted Cables
  • Apple Equipment
  • Servers
  • Phone Systems
  • Mobile Phones
  • Photocopiers (£50 + VAT Per)
  • TVs (£25 Per Item)
  • Networking Equipment
  • All Electronic and IT Related Equipment

For twenty or more IT equipment, our collection services are free. If you want to experience our top-notch IT recycling services, ping us at 03303410786, or email us at:

Our representatives are always here to respond to your queries. Tell the time and location for the collection of equipment, and our personnel will be there to provide you with door-step services.

Computer Recycling

Computer Data Shred provides recycling services for all kinds of electronic equipment, including computers, laptops, scanners, and many others the detail of which is given on our “Home Page”.

Data Destruction

Computer Data Shred wipes data from the hard drives in reliable and legalised ways. The multiple hard disk shredding options we apply to eliminate records from your systems are as follows;

IT Asset Management

IT asset management, also known as (ITAM) involves a set of processes such as collecting inventory, tracking, and maintenance of an organisation’s technology assets.

How does it Work?

We, at Computer Data Shred, follow a secure, systematic and easy-to-go process for recycling of redundant IT equipment. Make us a call and get any of our services booked instantly.

We offer innovative computer recycling
Let's Make the UK Green with Eco-Friendly WEEE Recycling

Along with implementing eco-friendly operations in its day-to-day operations, Computer Data Shred Ltd. also promotes the trend throughout the UK. The company is open to collaborating with environmental agencies and other volunteer bodies keen to reduce the landfills in the country.
The Best we can do?
Though our every move is for making the UK green but given below are the best steps to pursue our goal.
• Be it our website, social media page, or any other platform, we use every medium to create optimum awareness about the IT waste hazards and the methods to cope with the issue.
• We maintain an environmental-friendly atmosphere within our premises.
• Our company’s every operation is compliant with GDPR and WEEE regulations.
• We convince users to use the equipment composed of recyclable materials.

Multiple Hard Drive Shredding Techniques
We shred your hard drive after conducting its thorough inspection.
Consultation & Planning
You can consult our representative on phone or through email. Our rep will guide you about the services we provide and which one should you go for.
We are Certified Data Destructor
We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified IT Recycling Company. We work in compliance with the GDPR regulations.
Awards & Milestones
Benefiting from nearly 20 years experience.
News & Announcements
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We, at Computer Data Shred, follow a secure, systematic and easy-to-go process for recycling of redundant IT equipment. Make us a call and get any of our services booked instantly. To know about our recycle IT services, you can either get detailed information from any of our representatives or visit our website for further detail  

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